Can a tour operator provide both incomparable and unprecedented tour resources for touring and scholarly guides? Can a tour operator give us better understanding of how the Judeo Christian influence makes faith more viable for its believers?


What makes visiting the Holy Lands warm and personal is to have a first-hand experience with places where Jesus walked, talked and ministered to the crowds who followed Him and His teachings. This is much more than visiting church shrines. It is experiencing the places where Jesus had real doings with real people at real places.

Cyril of Jerusalem (313-386 AD) wrote, "The land itself is the fifth gospel." This may have been the key to bridge the land and the Word together.

IGM TOURS features world-wide acclaimed pre-tour/ON-TOUR/after-tour resources, the BLR (Bible Lands Resources). It is a condense overview of historical geography of Israel illustrated with a mosaic of 4 satellite color passings over the Syro-African rift. It is printed on card stock and laminated with plastic for life-time duration. The 10-panels fold as an accordion for each to carry on tour coaches.

We identify our tours as Regionaltour because the BLR regional information permits participants to track the guide's remarks daily by using the BLR's Bible history and geography. Bible sites are also identified in their respective regions. After the tour (at home) one may refer to the BLR again to track the sites, the biblical references and renew memories of the tour.

There are many more authentic Bible sites than the limited crowded church shrines. Many of our sites are never visited by standard tours. Many things may change the face of the land with its culture, politics and its borders. Nevertheless, it is the land itself that changes least.

We delight in preparing ad hoc tours tailored to educators and pastors.

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