Would you like a personal, customized tour to include "incomparable, unprecedented" resources with scholarly guides? IGM TOURS includes world-wide acclaimed pre-tour/on-tour resources. They are standard resources for all tours to the Holy Lands, Steps of Paul and Christian Passages in India.

Regionaltour is a division of IGM TOURS (International Group Ministries). It is acknowledged as a fresh departure from standard Holy Land tours that rush between crowded church shrines and souvenir shops. It provides time to feel, to think and to absorb. It avoids the blur of rushing, and instead seeks the richer prize of blessings. Regionaltour celebrates its 26th year in 2010.

The unique features of Regionaltour are its BLRs (pre-tour/on-tour laminated color resources), its 10 ft. field maps at tour beginnings, and the insistence on scholarly guides who are skilled and tutored for connecting the land with the Word. The BLRs are acclaimed world-wide and are illustrated in our index: Tour Resources. They interface daily itineraries with the sites and Bible texts used by the guides. One may refer to them later, without taking copious notes during daily touring.

Many think of the Holy Lands as only Israel. They are much more encompassing. The Holy Lands include: Israel, Egypt, Jordan, the Sinai, Turkey, Greece, select Mediterranean islands, Italy, Syria and Iraq (Mesopotamia). One may also be challenged to consider the powerful living traditions of St. Thomas in India (traditions that place the Christian faith in India in the first Century).

Did you know there are far more authentic Bible sites than the crowded church shrines? That many of them are never visited by standard tours? Regionaltour connects groups to the roots of the land with its history, geography and the texts of biblical faith. While many things change the face of the land with culture, politics and borders, it is the land itself that changes least. This reality may have prompted Cyril of Jerusalem to write, "The land itself is the fifth gospel."

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