Israel Holy Land Tour IGM Tours - Who We Are

For many years IGM TOURS has customized academic and pastoral tour ministries that focus on authentic Bible sites, explore the essential places and messages of Jesus' public ministry at Galilee and Jerusalem, and show the connections between the land and the Word....and do it all with scholar guides specially skilled to bring life to the touring. The exclusive tour resources are a prized feature in Holy Lands, Steps of Paul, and Christian Passages in India tours.

Regionaltour was pioneered in 1983 with the inspiration of the Master Guide: Dr. Stephen Langfur, Israel guide, scholar, author, editor and writer. It is a tour ministry that moves away from traditional church shrine tours to an inspiring focus on authentic Bible sites, Bible history and Bible geography that link the tour with Jesus' ministries.

The road to the creation of IGM TOURS began about 50 years ago when Rev. J. Dale Nystrom (pastor of Lucas Valley Community Church in Marin County, CA) visited Israel for the first time. He found the trip overwhelming. Imagine, the legendary ancient walled city was still there, inundated with people, visitors, religions and living Bible history!

Air France placed Nystrom under contract as a consultant for Holy Lands group travel. Seven years later, S.A.S. (Scandinavian Airlines System) recruited Dale. He accepted their contract and remained in their office for 5 1/2 years until the White House disbanded the C.A.B. (Civil Aeronautics Board). Nystrom felt that it was time to organize IGM TOURS (International Group Ministries), bringing to bear his long history in ministry and his experience in the airline industry (a critical component of group tours operations). A short time later Regionaltour concepts were developed, celebrating authentic Bible sites.

Regionaltour has cultivated a cadre of specially tutored scholar guides, excited to guide tours that connect the land, history and the Word into enduring spiritual experiences. Their resources have been declared as incomparable by travel industry leaders. Experienced tour leaders say "it's like visiting Israel for the first time."

Since pioneering Regionaltour IGM TOURS has created special pre-tour/ON-TOUR/after-tour Tour Resources. Carefully edited by Bible scholars, the BLR (Bible Lands Resources) have received critical and academic praise for unprecedented tour resources for the lands of the Bible and India Christian Passages. In 2020 IGM TOURS will experience their sixth management of village bookings for the legendary Oberammergau Passion Play near Munich, Germany.