The IGM TOURS "Advantages"
(International Group Ministries)

This is the sixth Oberammergau Passion Play handled by the staff members of IGM TOURS. Based on our past operations we expect all space will be processed within the same reasonable procedures of past performances.

Jodi Riche (Vice President, Operations) will be managing her sixth contiguous season of the Oberammergau arrangements over a span of 40 years. To assure confirmation, it is critical to request booking at earliest convenience. We commend requesting Oberammergau Lodging & Performance Dates 2-3 years in advance. Choose the lodging qualities most desired (5 meals are included). In past years a 2-night package has always been preferred by groups. This permits time to cope with crowds and time to become acquainted with this old world wood-carving village.


During the Thirty Year War the Black Plague killed nearly one third of the European population. In 1633 the fearful wood-carving villagers of Oberammergau made an oath with God, that if they were spared they would be faithful to tell the story of the Passion of Jesus "until the end of the ages."

In 1634 the first performance season of this legendary Oberammergau Passion Play began. Once each decade the villagers perform the story in a drama of music, tableaus and acting.

The last performances of the Passion Play were in 2010. It is likely that in 2020 all performances will be sold out.

The Village Performances
The 2020 performance dates are:

May 15 (Saturday) - The FIRST performance

Oct. 3 (Sunday) - The LAST performance

Weekly performance days are:

SUN, TUE, THU, - 2 night package (best value)

FRI - 1 night package & SAT (for locals)

No performances: Monday & Wednesday

The Village Packages

For 2020 the Passion Play Theater has reduced the number of seats to 4384 in order to make the experience more comfortable. The new seats are 5% larger than the old ones. The village also announced there are 15 categories that range from hotels, romantic-style hotels, inns, guest houses, private homes spread throughout the region of Oberammergau. There are 5 categories of seats for performances. For a 2-night package the costs may differ almost $700.

IGM's opinion is that the best per diem values are for the 2-night Oberammergau Package with performance seats in the middle of the open-air theater, and 5 meals.

First Confirmations: not until early 2018.
First Vouchers: not until about February 2020.
The "Package" includes lodging, meals, and performance tickets.
All performances are: 2:30-5:00 PM & 8:00-10:30 PM, with a 3 hour dinner break.
For Pricing, We Need From You:
Preferred Oberammergau Package (1 or 2 nights)
INCLUDES: hotels, Inns, guest houses, or private homes
BEST VALUE: 2 nights, 5 meals, theater tickets
Departure date & Departure city
Tour Leader desired benefits
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