A Visit to the Holy Lands?

Regionaltour is welcomed as a fresh departure from the usual Holy Land tour that rushes between crowded church shrines and souvenir shops. It provides time to feel, to think and to absorb. It avoids the blur of rushing and instead seeks the richer prize of blessings. Regionaltour will celebrate its 25th year in 2009

For decades IGM Tours has customized academic and pastoral tour ministries that focus on authentic Bible sites, explore the essential places and messages of Jesus' public ministry at Galilee and Jerusalem, and show the connections between the land and the Word.. .and do it all with scholar guides specially skilled to bring life to the touring. The exclusive tour resources are a prized feature in Holy Lands, Steps of Paul, and Christian Passages in India tours.

Regionaltour was pioneered about 25 years ago with the inspiration of the Master Guide: Dr. Stephen Langfur, Israel guide, scholar, author, editor and writer. It is a tour ministry that moves from traditional church shrine tours with a focus on authentic Bible sites, Bible history and Bible geography to link the tour with Jesus' ministries. There are far more authentic Bible sites than the crowded church shrines. Regionaltour connects groups to the roots of the land with its history, geography and the texts of biblical faith. While many things change the face of the land with culture, politics and borders, it is the land itself that changes least. This reality may have prompted Cyril of Jerusalem to write, "The land itself is the fifth gospel."

(Special rates are available for educators and churches)
Data interfaces with daily itineraries!
Included are: a 2007 edition of a state of the art natural color satellite map with data collected from the American LandSat and French SPOT satellites, laminated, prepared exclusively for IGM Tours, the ancient major trade routes (Old Kings Highway & Via Maris, OT, NT and modern roads, the tribal land division per Moses, all major Bible sites, chronological date bar, measurements, temperatures, Martha Ritmeyer's drawing of the Temple Mount Reconstruction, Bible Regions identified, important Bible cities, Tribal Land Divisions, Egypt: Biblical Period & Chronology. Click here for more information.
Tour Leaders Benefits
♦ Holy Land Bible Lands (Additional Resources)
♦ Free IGM Staff Presentations (subject to qualifications)
♦ Free-use: Three "Land & Word" Videos, A Bible Journey,
Dr. Stephen Langfur, Master Guide-Regionaltour
♦ Giant 10 ft. field maps (on-site!)
♦ Free (1st time) Holy Land Satellite Atlas, 270 pages (History, Geography in Regional Context)
♦ Free (1st time) 55" Color Holy Land Satellite Map (wall hanging)
♦ Scholarly Israel Guides (specially tutored for Land and Word tour ministries)
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