"There is no precedent for the beautiful, practical, resourceful concepts. They are incomparable."

Israel Government Tourist Office

"Great professionalism, in-depth knowledge, materials of the highest degree and quality available."

El Al Israel Airlines

"The BLR (Bible Lands Resource) is outstanding! It is way beyond anything seen in the United Kingdom."

Maranatha Tours, London

"What a contribution IGM TOURS has made linking Christians to the land of the Bible! Think of the first pilgrims accounts from early centuries when Palestine was still Christian. Look at their writing and their early yearning to understand the context of the Scriptures they read. Now, all these years later, here is the BLR (Bible Lands Resource)... it organically connects us to our predecessors yearning to understand. This is a real part of Bible history."

Jay Baggett -

TOUR LEADERS NOTE: "There IS a difference"

"Regionaltour topped them all in spiritual intensity, visual dynamics, authentic learning experience and biblical was the opportunity of a lifetime."

Rev. James H. Ingalls, Nazarene pastor, IL

"After two tours of shrine hopping, here was the ally I had longed for."

Stan Jones, pastor, Presbyterian

"Israel's great panorama! We saw more widely and deeply than we ever expected."

Rev. Phil Essex, Presbyterian

"I have traveled to the Holy Land four times. The last trip with IGM TOURS was definitely not a canned tour! There were so many extras that deepened our experience - a guide who clearly wanted to impart his love of the land and Jesus (even though he was Jewish)."

Fr. Denis Reilly, O.P., St. Albert's Priory, Catholic, CA

"My Regionaltour was exactly as advertised, incomparable! of the most inspirational experiences of my life."

Rev. Lindsay Graham, Greenville, SC

"Incredible! Each site was in context of its region ... not a tour of stop and go, stop and go!"

Rev. Homer Waisner, CA

"For those who love His land, the thoughtful regional approach is the only way to go."

Rev. Dick Staub, Missionary Alliance, WA

"Regionaltour is a great concept. I wouldn't tour Israel any other way."

Rev. Scott Last, CA

"Having been to Israel three previous trips, Regionaltour was like being there for the first time ... a marvelous and spiritual adventure!"

Dr. Lothair Green, Methodist

"One wondered if one had ever been there before."

Dr. Alan Meenan, Presbyterian

"Many Catholic tours are only the shop stops, shrine sites genre. Regionaltour goes right to the heart of the essential places and the message that comes from this chosen Land."

Fr. Charles Flynn, Catholic priest, MN


"We have been traveling with IGM TOURS for 20 years in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece and Italy. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Integrity and professionalism are their hallmarks, wrapped in personal interest in you and your people. In all these years we have never had anything but the highest praise for the way they have arranged our tours and taken care of our needs.

Please call me if you wish at 413-637-4673. It would be no imposition at all. I truly hope you and your people will make the journey. You will never read your Bibles the same way again."

Steve Brown, President
Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies, Lenox, MA

"I have finally found the perfect combination of guides and drivers for my university tours."

Dr. Phil Barcliff, WA

"It is equivalent to a year's study course."

Dr. Bill Herzog, MA

"I regard Regionaltour the equivalent of one year of seminary study in terms of biblical history, geography and culture."

Dr. J. Carl Laney, NY

"An academically excellent educational experience for undergraduate and graduate students."

Dr. Nancy Heidebrecht, CA


"No other resource does a better job at concisely presenting the biblical text, history and the culture of the period."

Dr. Dale Hummel, Woodale Church, Eden Prairie, MN (megachurch)

"An important first tool and companion whether reading your Bible or walking the land itself -- every line of the Regionaltour Bible Lands Resource contains so much vital and illuminating information about the issues and geography found in the biblical narrative."

Prof. Dale Liid, Center for Study of Early Christianity, Jerusalem & CA

"What a marvelous companion for a tour of the Holy Land! It is terrific!"

Dr. Herman Waetjen, S. F. Theological Seminary

"This combines an exceptional visualization of the Middle East with an excellent summary of Paul's journeys. The key geographical, historical and religious information make this an essential partner on a journey of Paul's footsteps."

Dr. Charles Dyer, Dallas Theological Seminary

"It is without equal, superior in every respect!"

Dr. Malcom Shelton, Mid-American Bible College

"I give the highest mark for excellent tour resources."

Dr. Orville Mosbo, Lutheran Bible Institute

"It characterizes beautifully the concept of Regionaltour, the ultimate field trip. It is outstanding."

Dr. John Koeker, Adjunct Professor, Fuller Seminary

"The beautiful graphics, readable type, scripture references and overview of Paul's journeys make this a concise and convenient resource not for travelers, but all students of the Bible."

Dr. Bill Whittaker, Baptist Bible College

"No other resource does a better job at concisely presenting the biblical text, history and culture of the period."

Dr. Dale Hummel, Naperville Evangelical Free Church

"It is thorough, incisive, and expository concerning the journeys of Paul. This is testimony to the commitment of IGM TOURS to make the Holy lands accessible in a meaningful way."

Bud Benedict, California Executive

"IGM TOURS has done it again ... produced an excellent learning tool. It is sweeping in its scope, presenting an easy-to-understand format; and it is intimate in detail."

Rev. Michael White, Covenant Church, NY

"The Bible Lands Resource for Paul is a terrific, mobile, easy-to-use study tool. It enhances the topography and obstacles in the spreading of the gospel during Paul's Missionary journeys."

Dr. Bruce Rowlison, Presbyterian

"I use the Bible Lands Resource to provide a geographical stage upon which my study groups visualize the great drama of Bible events."

Rev. Dick Staub, Missionary Alliance

"Beautiful! The section Roads, Rivers and Crossroads indeed is a masterpiece!"

Rev. Bill Ebling, American Baptists